Blonde or brunette?

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I choose both and at the same time
Hi! My name is Mike...I am 26 years old. Last weekend was a bit extreme in turns of trying something new. I am a student and the lovely girls whom I have classes with were at the library one afternoon... we discussed the class we had previously, I told some stupid jokes but they seemed to get them. We talked about student life and how we should try new things and enjoy life while we were young. I walked them to their home but they invited me in to have a drink. These babes looked stunning, but at the same time they were the type of hotties who did not realize their hottness. Some time and some drinks passed and they astonished me with what they meant about "trying new stuff while young". It appeared they wanted to have a threesome and that I accidentaly was chosed as a lucky guy. It was flattering that they decided on my candidature. I was all for that, though it seemed a bit unreal. When the blonde one started stripping the brunette it began to feel real to me... Their young and soft nipples felt so good pressed against my torso...They stripped me, because I could not move at first, since I was really astonished by a situation around me. It gets better... the blondy got on her knees and took my dick into her mouth while her brunette gf was gently playing with my balls in her mouth. This all led to a quick ending of the first act. But in a few minutes I was kissing their breasts and thouching their wet pussies ready to enter them with all force. The best things happen so unexpectadly.

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