The right place the right time...

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Caliente chickas en Barcelona fucked like crazy!
There are definitely many bars and clubs in Barcelona, but somehow we chose the "A" place. Nothing special about. I guess we were just too tired to walk around. When we entered, in a group of three guys, we could not fail to notice the two hot tipsy girls. They were laughing and speaking in some unknown language. We immediately tried our luck and came up to them. Normaly, we would not be so straightforward, but since we were not sober as well it sounded like a good idea, and it turned out it really was! After a couple of drinks we got to know that the girls were from Germany, they were staying in Spain because of some summer exchange program. We talked about the things we heard about the German girls and instead of proving us wrong, they took our words as a challenge. They said that is we behaved we would get some kind of a treat by the end of the night. We did not know what would come of it, but it sounded like something dirty and we didn't mind to have some more fun with these gorgeous blondes. In a few more drinks we were invited to the appartment in which they stayed. It was a small but cosy place. Right as we entered the Helen chick took me to her room and she gave me the best blowjob ever, but it was not the end of it. This hot jackpot girl was a fan of anal! Can you believe it? I was trying to talk my ex girlfriend into doing it for half a year! So, she got analyzed like crazy! Such a hot chick! A great sex with such a cool and sexy stranger. Although we were in Spain, the hottest cramming happened with naughty German babes.

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