There definitely is something hot in the role-playing or dirty maid stuff!

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This is a post about my ex girlfriend. She was a tough candy, meaning that it usually took a long time to make her pussy wet enough for sex. Out of the blue, one day she confessed that she really enjoyed role plays and that in the costume she gets really horny right away. We tried it a few times and it was the greatest times we had. The best sex game in the costume was when she wore a tight suit of a sexy maid. It got her on her fourth in just a second. She felt really sexy to herself, obviously, and to me it was something completely new. This cloth suited her well. She had huge cans that were a bit too big for the bra, which made her look even sluttier and the view up her short maid's skirt was unbelievable. It was great to shag with her and Linda, for it was her name, was in the mood to serve in every possible way. She was a seductive and slutty maid. She sucked on my balls and dick better than ever and I even got the green light for anal penetration which was a big deal, since I wanted to fuck her tight booty for a long time. After that we have tried several other costumes and they all brought something spicy. But for me the "dirty maid's costume" was a definite winner!

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